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790 Deep State


The idea that there is a Deep State, a behind-the-scenes cabal of high level government bureaucrats, protected by their positions and corrupted by their power, that really pull the strings of government, is a plausible, even a predictable one. It's only our indoctrinated sense of fair play and naive preconceptions that makes us flinch when we hear the Deep State is an actual fact; even then, many deny it no matter what evidence exists. The partisan aspect explains the selective thinking; if you're a Democrat, there is no Deep State; if you're a Republican, of course there is. That's almost proof of a Deep State on its own because it shows the substantial support and probability of a cover-up.

The suspicion became reality when the Russia Hoax against Trump was investigated and specific individuals who exploited and abused their power had the light shined on their shenanigans: the top officials of the FBI including the former director, the former director of the CIA, the Democratic National Committee, the Hillary Clinton campaign, even foreign governments. That can't have been the first time they've had their finger on the scale but since they were beyond reproach, suggesting a Deep State was a laughable claim before now. The Deep State plot of countless fictional novels and movies has become reality.


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