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787 The Nasty Side of Politics


For all the condemnation of “hate” by The Left, they seem to be the most hateful group in history; the rise of Communism, the physical manifestation of ideological Leftism, has killed more of humanity than even The Plague. What is the feeling that motivates people to call others names, to wish ill upon them, to plot the destruction of their lives and their livelihoods? That's hate, regardless of what inspired it, in this case the ideology of egalitarianism, which is actually an excuse for envy, anger & resentment. The irony is it's these people calling other people “hateful.”

It's because of hate that politics has a nasty side: the nasty side of politics is someone in a black mask standing across from you willing to commit violence against you; the nasty side of politics are people at a newscaster's home threatening his family; the nasty side of politics is Fake News, where lies are more common than truth; the nasty side of politics is secret cabals deplatforming dissenting voices through boycotts, brigading, and bullying; and the really nasty side of politics is when people hate you because you won't do as they say.


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