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Computers are proof that any question can be logically answered by asking a series of yes-or-no questions. All human thought can be simulated via computer algorithms based on this underpinning, called Artificial Intelligence, or AI. If you believe that eventually people won't be able to distinguish a computer simulation from a human, then you must accept that any thought, even political thought, can be mimicked and manipulated. That means that political thought all boils down to one fundamental yes-or-no ideological question, where different ideologies have different fundamental questions. America was founded on the fundamental ideological answer, that “yes,” the wants of the individual come first, called liberty. Socialists would answer “no,” that the needs of the group come first.

Google, as a private company, thinks it has the right to sway political elections using their monopolistic power. Google is said to be able to sway 5% of the voters any way they want using their AI algorithms, and that's enough to swing most elections. The fact that the Supreme Court gave them that Right is egregious enough, but it's even worse because Google is in the opposite camp to liberty. We literally have a situation where a contrary political AI is going to be vicariously governing America.


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