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783 Biased News


Something that young people don't know they're missing is honest news; facts presented without a bias, allowing the reader to formulate their own opinion. There was a few decades after WW2 where that was called “news,” and the word still carries that aura and expectation of objectivity even though it's long since been abandoned. The reality now is that all Americans hear is propaganda, and the side that owns the so-called, news, organizations, are the culprits seeking after the dopamine reward that comes from self-righteousness, outrage, and virtue signaling. When consumers of news are responding to their animal instincts, their intellect doesn't stand a chance, which is why there used to be professionalism in journalism to prevent such exploitation.

Of course, media bias isn't new; when mass communication was via newspapers, every town had a “Democrat” and a “Republican” paper, often eponymously named to attract like-minded readers, but the most bias is Left-leaning because altruism is easier to stoke up than staid conscientiousness, and The Left promises to improve the lives of the majority of people, while The Right reassures rich folks that their wealth is secure. Now, there is no obvious indication of bias; in fact, it's surprising how biased the online newsfeeds are; you would expect the algorithms to randomly pick sources, but since that's controlled by Big Tech, the majority of sources listed are tainted Left. It's hard to find a Right-leaning article. Hopefully, the Market can sort this distortion out, or regulation, but nothing is happening yet. Perhaps after the revolution?


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