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778 Freedom Index


Words are weapons for ideas, and the ultimate weapon in the battle between liberty and collectivism. One of the often used tactics by the forces arrayed against liberty is to diminish the status of the United States as its standard bearer, to directly attack its liberty strength. The so-called Freedom Index is a prime example of this; the U.S. is ranked #20 or lower, where Canada is #1, and every other Western Nation is more “free.” To begin with the obvious, the goal is liberty; freedom is just part of the equation, and how free can you be when you're not responsible for your own actions and someone else is making decisions for you? It's informative to see who does the Freedom Index ranking: Leftist German "think tanks.” In a Marxist value system, where liberty is actually demonized, it's amazing America ranked so highly!

Just for giggles, let's assume that Canada and Western Europe are the “freedom” nations, then it's time for them to buck up and assume their responsibilities to the World. Get their military up to snuff so they can defend "freedom" around the globe, start donating major money to World development, increase the competitiveness of their universities, and all-around fulfill their "freedom" obligations. They should be the Freedom Police now, but instead, they're riding America's not-so-”freedom” back. Apparently, they just want to claim they're "free," without doing anything about it.


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