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776 Pandering for Liberty


Since liberty isn't taught anywhere anymore, the only place for people who want to learn about it are in the alternative media: online videos and podcasts. There are still written explanations but who reads? It's telling that most of the people who promote liberty in these venues are independent; some guy in his kitchen talking into an iPhone. I find that both concerning and compelling because discussing liberty has become underground. In fact, many liberty advocates are being censored by the Marxist opponents who have gained control of the media platforms.

This constant threat of de-platforming and demonitization has forced these champions of liberty to constantly beg for support in the form of money from their audience. Sometimes a listener must endure several minutes of promotion for survival gear or gold before the real show even starts. These constant requests for donations are more than irritating, they are actually hampering the flow of liberty instruction; how many potential libertyists, with their conditioned 10-second attention span, simply going to click to a cat video? It's a Catch 22: asking to support liberty reduces liberty's support. Who would have imagined that liberty would be in retreat, taught in the shadows, with penalties for all involved if identified. It's like Revolutionary times.


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