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773 Losing Liberty


Liberty is a fragile thing, hard to obtain and easy to lose. A lot of people don't like liberty; being responsible for yourself is frightening and difficult, plus if you're responsible for yourself then someone else can't say they are. The theists don’t like liberty because they think everyone should be forced to share their morals; Collectivists don’t like liberty because they think the needs of the group outweigh the wants of the individual; Elitists don't like liberty because they should be the ones making decisions that are best for everyone, themselves in particular; and people who simply want someone else to be responsible for them just don't like liberty either; that's a lot of people, enough in a democracy to defeat liberty at the ballot box.

America was lucky to get liberty in the first place but it was only maintained through indoctrination in the schools which obviously doesn't happen any longer; in fact, the schools have become a training ground for the opposite of liberty, forced conformity. There was hope that the freedom of the Internet would be an avenue to promote liberty, but the forces that oppose liberty have control of Social Media. The enemies of liberty have also captured the legacy media and entertainment; they promise equality & security & inclusion, all contrary to liberty; and they're winning. It will be sad to see liberty go; luckily, I was around at the best time to experience it. It's doubtful future generations will even know what real liberty is?


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