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772 When Liberty is Passe'


Everything runs its course, even liberty. Say something enough times, especially with contradictory data all around you, fake or not, and what was once a given, goes out of vogue. If you're raised not making decisions for yourself, wouldn't it seem odd if suddenly you were responsible? Without experience, there's going to be a lot of missteps, and lack of understanding of what the obligations are; it's simply easier to reject the whole concept of liberty. Plus, if someone else is responsible, you aren't. Add a healthy dose of altruism: homeless camps and haphazard healthcare, and there's plenty of proof liberty doesn't work. There's more proof that the opposite, Marxism, is even worse, but most folks aren't good at nuance: yes or no, that's the only equation they understand; and of course, something new is always better.

There are plenty of countries that are entitlement Welfare states; we, as Americans, were resistant due to our liberty indoctrination but that isn't happening anymore. Where do impressionable children learn about liberty now? Where are they going to practice it when its youthful institutions like Boy & Girl Scouts, church summer camps, and competitive sports where only the best get a trophy, are in decline. Liberty has become unfashionable, and will become passé soon if it hasn't already, no military coup necessary; we'll eat organic food, ride bikes, steal intellectual property, and complain about the greedy, selfish, ambitious people who leave to go somewhere else where liberty is still alive, if there is anywhere?


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