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761 Printing Money


Nothing gets conservative economists buzzing louder than suggesting that government should print more money, even though it would eliminate most of the need for taxes. It's especially controversial when confronting the reality of so-called “trust” funds; otherwise people would know that Social Security, Medicare, and government retirement benefits are actually Ponzi schemes, and always have been. If you can print your own money like government can, a Ponzi scheme isn't such a terrible thing, but it conflicts with conservative monetary policy which proclaims it to be inflationary, even though the U.S. government has printed more than enough money to trigger inflation if that were the case.

Inflation-alarmists are confusing correlation with causation; it's not printing money that causes a collapse; it's the collapse in production that causes inflation in times of panic as all the imaginary money, way more than there are things to buy, looks for something real to exchange for; like goods and property. However, the unspoken reason conservative economists don't like to print money is that it has a tendency to redistribute wealth. It's not coincidental that these are the same people that see nothing wrong with extreme wealth concentration.


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