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759 Central Banks


Central Banks are one of those mysterious organizations that you think you know what they do by their name but you can't really give an example. Central Banks are usually publicly owned but in some cases, like The Fed in the U.S., they are so-called public-private partnerships, meaning they get the profit with the public taking the risk. Central Banks are currently the most powerful force in economics; fully utilizing the imaginary aspect of money to influence loans and stock markets. For example, since Japan went into recession over a decade ago, its Central Bank has bought huge portions of its businesses. In fact, Japan's government, through its Central Bank, owns over 40% of the Nikkei stock market index and by extension, most everything in Japan. The bad is that a government actually owns the nation, but the good is that the nation is still going. That's quite a tradeoff, and the same thing is happening in the rest of the world.

If you let your inner conspiracy-theory genie run wild, it's almost as if Central Banks are the means for the ultra-wealthy Elites to control the world. They are secretive, their ownership is opaque, and their power is complete, so it's possible but what is the purpose? Do ultra-rich and powerful people need to be richer and more powerful? Are they doing what they think is best for everyone? It's a risky gamble because when the world economy eventually does fail, as it certainly will, and penniless people are looking for someone to blame, they'll know where to look to get fodder for the guillotines: Central Bankers.


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