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757 Public Finance Concepts


Let's review a few of the most interesting aspects of public financing:

  1. Government's financial responsibilities shouldn't be on the backs of Ma & Pa businesses.

  2. Regardless of the ideology, The Great Depression ended because of stimulated consumption.

  3. Even if there was such thing as a Star Trek Replicator, people would still have to work to have meaning.

  4. Universal Basic Income is a bad idea, but if there's going to be one, print the money.

  5. The question is how many consumers can there be for every producer.

  6. The Paramount Rule Of Economics, that production must equal consumption, should be printed on the back of milk cartons.

  7. Productivity can't be put in the bank, and no amount of money can change that.

  8. Public transportation is political while private ride-sharing actually solves the problem.

  9. There should be no such thing as a publicly-funded sports stadium.

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