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752 Consumers Outnumber Producers


Throughout history, it was always a challenge for a single human being to produce as much as it consumed which is one of the main reasons for society, but even that was problematic during strenuous times, like drought. Luckily, as technology developed, the increased productivity provided more than enough for everyone as long as they contributed at some level. However, even advancing technology is not enough if people become complacent and stop producing at all. It’s unrealistic to think 1 in 10 people can be productive enough for everybody but it's getting close to that now:

10% of the U.S. population of 330 million people have an IQ less than 83; so stupid the military is not allowed to induct them: that's 20 million people; then there are the retired: that's 40 million people; and kids: that's 75 million people; Disability: another 14 million; so about half the population must be supported by the other half. Now consider that 70% of those that do work have no savings and can barely get by, which leaves 50 million people to support the leisurely lifestyle of over 210 million people; 1 person must support over 5, and it's only going to get worse.


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