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Be very suspicious of Westerners that choose to live in Southeast Asia; the language, food and chaos are totally alien to our culture; not to mention the living conditions. It's the epitome of being a nice place to visit but... There's very few reasons why Westerners would voluntarily choose exile; it seems likely that most expatriates are prohibited from going back to their home country, usually for various nefarious reasons; mostly to do with escaping prosecution for something they've done or owe.

The explanation that ex-pats can retire there on meager pensions is belied by the fact that almost all of them are single men; obviously, Sex tourism plays an important role. For example, I was walking through an alley in Vietnam lined with "nail salons" to either side; an attractive young girl was handing out fliers to passers-by when a rather greasy old Westerner ahead of me, American by his accent, reached up and caressed her under the chin, whispering, "well, you're a cute one, aren't you?" There was no question of the man's intentions, and the girl knew too, leading him inside, presumably to have his “nails done.” The visceral reaction I felt caused me to physically recoil in revulsion. I just don't like meeting Americans who live somewhere else for no good reason.


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