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745 Captured Foreign Policy


How come American foreign policy is even more confused and obtuse than American domestic policy? It's because foreign actors can participate in American politics via campaign donations, along with a sympathetic entrenched bureaucracy. For example, a nation, Iran, would like to develop nuclear power but America says "no," not based upon some kind of strategic goal or desire for dominance, but because some part of the ruling aristocracy sees Iran as a threat to Israel. The people of the U.S. are not interventionists by nature, they need to be propagandized to intervene, and even that doesn't last long; yet an entire nation is beholden and in the grips of a small powerful foreign elite.

International globalist corporations are a more existential threat because their goals often erode the very foundation of a nation's sovereignty: trade deals like the currently scuttled TPP would allow corporations to co-op the economic might of the world to penalize a small nation's parochial goals, like cigarette companies collecting monetary damages from Australia for their anti-smoking campaign that depresses sales. “Free” Trade is how these corporations dictate where people work and how much they earn, while the stockholders reap the financial benefits and the host nations suffer the social consequences. America's foreign policy isn't its own because it's been captured by foreigners.


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