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744 America-Haters


The word “hate” has new meaning inside politics; a verbal Molotov-cocktail hurled to burn down any discussion and put the accusers in control: “hate” speech is any speech they don't like, “hate” groups are any organization they don't like, “hate” crime is paramount to all other crime because it is so hateful. Yet hate still retains the essence of the old definition: others wishing ill on their enemies; that one is loud and clear when applied to how these people view America; and we're not talking foreigners; these are American America-haters, and there's a lot of them.

They hate traditional American values like liberty, guns & God. They hate American foreign policy that sides with Israel, and American economics embodied in Capitalism. They hate White men, and they hate Baby-Boomers. They hate single-family homes with manicured lawns, and they hate large gas-powered automobiles; They hate Confederate statues, and Thomas Jefferson & even George Washington. These people wish ill on all things traditionally American. How did such hateful people get in charge of what gets called “hate”?


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