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742 America vs. The World


America's armed forces are 3rd in size in the world, about half of China's military, but size doesn't matter in modern warfare. America spends 17% of its GNP, almost a trillion dollars a year, on its military; no other nation even gets close, and the American Military-Industrial Complex is as vast as it is lethal. There are popular videos on YouTube that hypothetically pit the U.S. against other nations, and of course, it's always a walkover. Strategically, America has simultaneous access to both both oceans, and all 10 superaircraft carriers. What other secret weapons systems there are in space or hidden laboratories are topics of speculation.

Heaven forbid another worldwide conflagration occurs so that entire nations are mobilized, but if it does, the U.S. has at least half the nation still clutching their guns, praying, and saluting the flag; plus now women would be included, so the number would approach 100 million effective combatants. Even the whole rest of the world wouldn't be able to raise an effective fighting force against those kind of numbers. Western Europeans are long past having the stomach for war; Asia, India, and Eastern Europe could draft, but Africa, South/Central America, and anyplace else would be problematic. If blowing up the world ever seems like a good idea, bet on America to be left standing on the cinder.


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