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740 No Military Draft


The U.S. military has approximately 1.3 million active-duty troops, and another 865,000 Reserves; one of the largest fighting forces in the world, having 200,000 troops deployed in 170 nations. They are 10% of the nation's voters, but are not a reflection of the population as a whole: 17% of the U.S. population is Black but they compose 27% of the military, probably because they have fewer opportunities than Whites; and women are less than 14% of the military but are more than half the population, probably because they have more opportunities than men. Most important: members of the military, past and presents, tend to be more patriotic; over half vote Republican, and less than 10% are Democrats.

In this age of diversity, to counteract the voting disparity, there are calls by Democrats to institute a draft, forcing inducties to be more racially and gender representative of America. Unless the military gets larger, which few want, a draft would limit opportunity for men, and Black men in particular. As for women, who are at a biological disadvantage for combat service, highly qualified men would presumably be supplanted by soldiers less qualified physically, but more Politically Correct. Political Correctness has never won any wars, but it seems likely it could lose some.


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