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739 Nationalism


“America First” is cheerleading for nationalism; the concept that America must serve the needs of its own citizens and country before considering what other nations and peoples want. To generations of Americans raised with the concept of liberty: making decisions for yourself and reaping the rewards or suffering the consequences of your own actions, nationalism makes logical sense, but it's in direct conflict with re-emerging Marxist ideology which puts needs first, a complete reversal of responsibility, and incompatible with nationalism and liberty. Besides the Marxists, cosmopolitanism, also called globalism, the opposite of nationalism, has the Stateless, loyalty-free international corporations as allies because nationalists tend to protect their Markets as a means of protecting their workers, which negatively affects a corporation's bottom line.

Unfortunately, The Left, Marxists in fact even if they deny the term, uses linguistics as a weapon of confusion, and have successful tainted the word “nationalism,” and by extension, liberty itself. They associate nationalism with conflicts of the past, conflating a nation's pride and independence with its inclination to go to war. Keep making this reference long enough and adamantly enough, and it becomes accepted fact, an effective tactic for disavowing national borders, wealth accumulation, and exceptionalism; all things Marxists work against. Obviously, the argument used against nationalism is primarily a Trojan Horse for Marxism.


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