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737 God, Guns, Gas & GIs


Once upon a time, for about 50 years really, from the end of WW2 to the beginning of the new millennium, Americans, the ones that felt comfortable in America anyway, worshiped at the alter of the 4-Gs: God, guns, gas & GIs. In fact, that’s the calling card of Conservatives today, most of whom remember those days with a feeling of nostalgia. Unfortunately, the 4-Gs were overthrown during the 1960s, the last time America had the kind of upheaval it’s having today, but they stil lingered. However, in this virtual civil war, the only people still carrying the 4-Gs banner are aging beyond relevance.

God may hang around; he always does but he won’t be telling presidents what to do in their prayers anymore. Guns have become anathema; like a MAGA hat that can fight back. Cars are electric, and gasoline is fracked. The draft is gone, and GIs with it; today’s soldiers are mercenaries held in check primarily because they’re brainwashed to be so. Here's hoping that something like the 4-Gs will be embraced by modern culture, but that seems unlikely; whatever emerges in this new upheaval will probably completely abandon the 4-Gs, and make liberty a casualty as well.


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