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733 Relativity


Everybody agrees that someone on an asteroid 1 light-year from earth could watch through their telescope what you ate for breakfast a year ago but they can't agree how long it took for you to eat it?There seem to be a lot of intelligent people who misunderstand Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and think time actually slows down; that satellites & astronauts age slower when they are in space; even people is fast airplanes flying to London get to take a few nanoseconds off their age. If that was true, the earth is traveling at 67,000 mph around the Sun, so you're a little younger still; even more because the galaxy is moving at 1.3 million mph. If there was time dilation, some is happening right now and you're a whole lot younger than you think you are.

That's ridiculous as it seems: time does not slow down any more than it speeds up, it only seems to relative to a viewer that is traveling at different speeds and different directions because light is unidirectional and travels at a constant speed. Here's a way to check: consider a bullet whizzing past, and that the bullet shoots two rays of light, one back and one forward along its path. The bullet is traveling fast enough that it would dilate time but add together the times each ray was received at either end of the path, and the total will be the same time it takes for a single ray of light shot from one receiver to the next. Some physicists have probably already done this experiment but can't get anyone to read their paper. What we need is a Theory of Realitivity.


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