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725 Abortion Questions


Pontificating on abortion has never changed anyone's mind. Given that there doesn't seem to be any compromise, the solution, if there is one, can only be determined by philosophy, specifically Socratic questioning that might lead us to the answer. For example, if a fetus could be transplanted into an artificial womb, is that okay? Should it be a forced transfer? Can all mother's do it? Who pays for that? We've already determined that any amount of money will be spent to keep a premature baby alive, so $10 million forced transplants of unwanted fetuses may be in our future?

The issue of technology and abortion gets even thornier. There's eventually going to be cloning; are they the same as conjugal babies? What if it was used on people without them knowing it, is that rape? Does the clone have to be raised to term? Cloning allows males to produce offspring; what are the effects of that? Can cloning be outlawed? If one is made illegally, can it be aborted? If you thought the abortion issue was intractable now, just wait for science to stick its finger in. That's why The Courts decide these things, not amateur moralists.


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