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706 Past Marxism


Marxism was en-vogue long before Karl Marx was born, and will probably be where all democracies end up eventually. The core of Marxism: from those according to their ability, to those according to their need; is actually many thousands of years old: Plato would be a Marxist by that definition, and it certainly appears in The New Testament; the very concepts of religion has a penchant for Marxism built in. Socialism isn't new to popularity in America: William Bryan Jennings had 3 unsuccessful but close runs for president at the end of the 19th Century, and the 1928 Democratic candidate, Al Smith, was a Marxist. There's always been actual "Socialist" candidates, such as Eugene Debs, running right up until WWII.

The crux of the from-those-to-those tenet is to reverse control from the few Winners to the vast majority of Losers, but because losing never ends up anyplace, eventually Winners climb back into control then the process repeats itself. Right now, about a third of the nation would prefer some form of Marxism: the Equalists, the Environmentalists, and the Social Justice Warriors; but it's always a close thing because many voters would see a short-term gain from Marxist policies. Marxists will have to be repeatedly defeated in elections because if the past is any indicator, Marxism, once implemented, never retreat.


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