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701 Soyboys


Over the past four decades there has been a precipitous drop of measured testosterone in boys and the men they grow into, which coincides with the fashionableness of vegetarianism; the so-called “soyboys,” because eating soy supposedly lowers testosterone. However, it's more likely that soyboys are simply a stage all males go through. Prepubescent boys require interaction with other testosterone-wielding boys to trigger their own testosterone production, and this usually involves bullying, hazing & aggression, which is now, ironically, being brutally suppressed.

Bullying is spontaneous but not random. It's often blamed on the stronger exploiting the weak but there are plenty of small boys that don't get bullied. Bulling is jockeying for rank, and soyboys are the ones who don't fight back. A boy may think they are minding their own business when a bully walks up but they are actually a flashing red light of soyness: visually they still look effeminate, they may exhibit the lack of self-awareness of children, or they are simply being tested, and if they respond submissively, they actually encourage the bully. Simply stated, boys must be willing to fight back, to respond aggressively to aggression; no amount of passiveness training is going to help. There are things parents can do for their soyboy sons: the easiest counter-measure is playing sports; more drastic is going to Military school; injecting anabolic steroids may be controversial but a soyboy's got to do what a man's got to do.


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