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700 Diminishing Masculinity


Testosterone production is in all males but it has societal triggers, the male dominance hierarchy being the most important. However, now that children are not allowed to play freely, and with "if everybody can't have one, no one can" Marxist ideology permeating everywhere, testosterone levels in boys have dramatically diminished. The anti-bullying campaigns have also removed any opportunity for boys to self-segregate into their natural position in a dominance hierarchy; in fact, many males never experience their place in the hierarchy at all; there are no Silverbacks, everyone is a juvenile male.

All of this has led to an alarming decrease in testosterone in boys and men, added to by a push against masculinity, defined by self-autonomy and meritocracy, both vital to liberty. Before America began eating itself by attacking masculinity, both political parties supported The Patriarchy; but now The Matriarchy has gained many new, low testosterone recruits, with social-networking bringing them together, and the destruction of the male dominance hierarchy is reducing the number of Alpha males, so women and men-who-act-like-women outnumber masculine men, which is devastating in a democracy.

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