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699 War on Testosterone


Humans have two superpowers: for women, it's childbirth; and for men, it's testosterone. There are many women envious of men's testosterone super-abilities: ambition, competitiveness, physical prowess, and more. Testosterone gives masculine males an advantage in The Patriarchy because liberty, meritocracy & patriotism are benefited by its attributes. Women embrace the diminishment of masculinity and The Patriarchy because it levels the playing field, even puts them at an advantage. In a Matriarchy world, testosterone is denigrated as "toxic masculinity," and public education is like a shield against testosterone because a male dominance hierarchy implies that males must be in charge but the power structure in education is all female.

Testosterone's contribution to achievement is also being derided, both directly and insidiously; directly by dismissing any accomplishment as "privilege" or "selfishness;" and subtly by giving equal value to non-accomplishment; everyone gets a trophy. The implementation of “diversity” neutralizes the advantage of testosterone because it circumvents meritocracy. Plus, many low-status men are resentful, and they have joined forces with other weaklings to neutralize the testosterone superpowers of masculine men under the guise of equality. This is perversity of the highest order since it leads directly to the destruction of society, which was created to protect the weak, those with low testosterone.


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