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698 Testosterone Superpower


Testosterone makes you attractive, ambitious, competitive, confident, protective, and a host of other super-powers. It's kind of amazing that even though people generally know this, it isn't really discussed much in education outside of biology class, when in reality, testosterone, and the superpowers it brings, is more controlling of society than anything other than the female superpower of childbearing. Feminists recognize the advantage testosterone gives to men and resent it, so they denigrate it, especially its most problematic side effects like aggression, territorialism, and lust.

Testosterone also makes men adventuresome and curious, and since wisdom comes from knowledge and experience, high-testosterone males have an advantage there too. Testosterone manifests itself differently from man to man, regardless of the levels: a high-testosterone male will certainly sacrifice themselves for their tribe, and testosterone is where the concept of mutually assured destruction comes from: both sides lose when either attacks; and the old adage that the best defense is a good offense was probably influenced by testosterone because nothing prevents aggression better than knowing there's a lot of testosterone on the other side; you think twice before challenging Superman.


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