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697 Gender Testosterone Differences


The development of the testosterone apparatus in the fetus is what causes all gender differences between males and females; for example, ovaries and gonads start as the same group of cells but are differentiated due to testosterone. Testosterone is also the fundamental difference between males and females during the rest of their lives: physically, intellectually, and emotionally. It's important to note that females have testosterone too, it's just that males have more of it, so-much-so that there lives are virtually defined by how much they have and how well they respond to the impulses. Females convert most of their testosterone into estrogen, the hormone that defines their lives.

Raw levels of testosterone don't do the same thing between males and females; the amount of testosterone converted to estrogen differs between men and women, and the testosterone receptors in males are acclimated to higher levels of testosterone than females, so a female who injects herself with a steroid, which is a close relative of testosterone, doesn't have to use very much to get the same testosterone effects as a man. Interestingly, gender differences are a statistical manifestation: if all the females and males in a large group were matched according to their capabilities, almost everybody would have a counterpart of the opposite gender that had the same physical, mental and emotional status; the ones left over are where the perceived difference between men and women comes from.


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