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690 Masculinity


Masculinity is an evolutionary creation because meritocracies often produced men whom females mated with; voluntarily or not. Masculinity is most easily defined by its visual features: muscle mass, facial hair, size; but the social manifestations are just as important: ambition, competitiveness, territorialism. In the past, society valued these attributes because they were important in the constant fight to stay alive, and the male dominance hierarchy is almost entirely determined by some combination of them.

Society recognized the advantages masculinity gave men over women, and as a consequence, unarticulated obligations were placed on men: protectiveness, preferential treatment, and allowing women to escape the consequences of their provocative actions. Unfortunately, this distortion of the role of masculinity has masked the fact that, ultimately, violence solves conflicts, and by shielding women from this reality, they are unaware of the danger. Democracy may temporarily put control of masculinity in the hands of women but biology haunts the future, and it seems certain masculinity will make a dramatic and revolutionary reemergence.


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