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684 Budding Philosophers


Explaining why is the most scientific of pursuits, yet the most important why of all, the philosophy that guides our lives, is the least explained. We are all budding philosophers, whether or not we can consciously articulate our philosophy, which most people can't. Of those that can, the ones who accurately assign motive to action, reason to existence; very, very few of them become famous, because philosophy is an individual pursuit, interesting to no one but yourself, outside of sophomore English.

Insightful people have the greatest advantage of being philosophers but can unexceptional otherwise, and philosophers aren't necessarily wise either, though that's the natural assumption. You can objectively identify a wise person by their works, but many philosophers have no visible indication they have special understanding; you must contemplate their ideas to discover if they're right for you; but they usually aren't; your own philosophy is probably just as good.


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