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672 Convenience & Routine


Longterm goals are easy to wish for but difficult to achieve, so most people don't accomplish much of anything. However, there are two simple rules that make goals obtainable: first, no matter how easy a goal is, if it's not convenient, chances are you won't do it. Convenience is the most under-appreciated of all life's little pleasures: to simply reach out and grasp your desire. If convenience were figured in, the price of many things would change dramatically.

But even if they're convenient, tedious goals, things like losing weight or learning to play piano, require mindless routine. You have a set list of things to do everyday, in a particular order, and you put the boring thing you would normally procrastinate in the lineup. Once it gets into mind-numbed daily repetition, it will simply happen, and eventually your goal will be reached. For things that take years, routine is the only strategy that works. Convenience & routine are also valuable because they're something you actually have a lot of control over; giving you direct influence over the direction of your career, health & entertainment.


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