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654 Jealousy


Like all negative emotions, jealousy is rooted in evolution: a male's biological imperative is to continue his gene line, and since males can't determine the parentage of their offspring, they must control access to the female. This is the most commonly exhibited aspect of jealousy, but jealousy is also tightly tied to fears of humiliation if another male usurps their mate, as well as a feeling of abandonment that comes with betrayal of a partner's loyalty, both males and females. Because of the anxiety these constant threats produce, the consequences of jealously are often obsessiveness, damaged self-esteem, and violent behavior.

Jealousy is not limited to sexual relations; it will exhibit itself if any relationship is threatened: with parents, friendships, co-workers. Jealousy is constant, and though a society needs its members to suppress their most egregious jealous reactions, jealousy is still important because it motivates people to preserve long term social bonds. It's another of those seemingly negative emotions that people are reluctant to discuss or even admit they possess, which makes it difficult to determine the distinction between bad and good amounts of jealousy.


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