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642 Illogical


Logic is reasoning that produces a predictable outcome. Logic is the only practical means of predicting the future but logic requires facts, and if those are erroneous or not available, logic cannot be performed. To be illogical is to choose an answer other than what logic dictates. Socially, logic has a suspect reputation: Star Trek's Dr. Spock was logical which somehow conflicted with his emotions, even though emotions are the logical result of chemical interactions in your brain, and can logically explain how a conclusion was reached, even if that conclusion was illogical. This convoluted reasoning is logical but seems illogical, which shines a confusing light on logic.

Logic isn’t something that’s valued in our society; in fact, it’s often demeaned as nerdy, exploitative, and heartless. Plus, in a Google world where everyone can be an expert in 5 minutes, facts are often wrong or ignored; confusing rational for logical, and it's logical they should do so. Why does this all seem so illogical? Because people don't understand their underlying natures, are blind to their own motivations, excuse themselves of their self-centered actions so simply don't have the facts required to be logical, because to deny truth is to deny logic.


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