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627 Ingenuity


There are whole swaths of human history where seemingly nothing happened, at least in what we can glean from archaeology and historical records, compared against times where empires flourished and pyramids were built. We can only look at examples of the two extremes today to determine why there is a difference, and the best word that describes it is ingenuity, the ability to propose solutions for problems then follow through. What motivates people to be ingenious could be anything from base desires, like greed and lust, to altruism, like love, but you've got to admire the results.

Where does ingenuity come from? Is it inherited or is it learned? What are the circumstances that encourage and support ingenuity? Does technology hinder or promote ingenuity? Looking around the world today, some cultures appear industrious; is that ingenuity? There is the old saying that “ingenuity is the mother of invention.” Who's doing the inventing? Unfortunately, a robust belief in human ingenuity seems to be in direct conflict with the prevailing Victimhood culture, but perhaps that too is just another manifestation of it?


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