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626 Self-Reliance


The natural ideology of man is akin to socialism; some elite decision-maker determines what is best for everyone: the head of the family, the king, a council of elders. The contrary ideology, one only found after civilization could satisfy its basic needs through working together, was personal autonomy, where people decide for themselves and reap the rewards or suffer the consequences of their own actions, what we call liberty today. Self-Reliance is based on the premise that you can be the master of your own destiny, and that no one and no thing can be trusted to protect your best interests.

Children must be taught self-reliance when young, very young: explore, don't be afraid, do it yourself; then the education must be continuous throughout their formative years. This creates mature adults who can make their own way in life; be leaders of society rather than followers. Unfortunately, exactly the opposite is happening: helicopter parents do everything for their children, and worse, train them to take orders from elite decision-makers. The non-adults that result have no imagination, and certainly don't have the personal tools to be creative; frightened of everything, always waiting for someone else to go first. It's not a coincidence that the history of a nation starts at its most self-reliant and ends at its least.


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