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625 Divine Reward


Religious people believe that even if they are not rewarded now for their good works, they will be rewarded later in life, or in afterlife, by some divine power. This belief naturally extends to them thinking that financially successful people are benefiting for similar reasons, meaning they must have deserved it in some way, either them directly, or their parents did something reward-worthy. This concept fits very well into the acceptance of fate.

Naturally, those who believe in fate and divine oversight have no problem with a Class system, where some people are born into their roll as a servant, while others are their masters; it's all part of God's plan, and there's no reason to change such a system because it is God's intent. Churches have used this logic to maintain control of the masses, and it can be traced back throughout history, at least to the Egyptians. The Enlightenment, when people began striving for personal autonomy, escaping the thrall of divine reward, instead accepting that people reap the rewards or suffer the consequences of their own actions, an important component of personal autonomy, the very definition of liberty.


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