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623 Determinism


There are many smart people alive today who believe that our individual choices in life are overwhelmed by a kind of fate because our bodies are organic robots and therefore predictable in a probabilistic way. All human action is predicated on the peptides in our brains; control the peptides, control what a person thinks and does. Extrapolating this chemical programability: since computer programs are deterministic, so too must be the organic robot they are riding around in. This leads to the idea that a highly enough developed being, knowing the probability of each micro-transaction involved in a situation, can accurately predict the outcome of a civilization, and even the outcome of a single person, making all history predictable.

In this context, God would simply be a highly enough developed being; and your destiny can be exactly mapped, no matter what choices you may be making in life, because those have all been included in the simulation. The fallacy of this thinking has long been identified in economics: complex systems cannot be predicted because the number of possible outcomes is infinite. The actual outcome of infinite options is best explained by the concept of Emergent Order; a wait-and-see epistemology; no one can predict, but wise people can observe and modify plans as they go.


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