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620 Authority


One of the most surprising divides between ideologies, liberty versus Marxism, is the denial that authority exists. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, religious leaders, even parents, are obliged no special dispensation for their knowledge and achievements in a Marxist society, where everyone is equal and the obligation is on talented individuals to provide for the less so. People gain absolutely no advantage for being competent, the opposite in fact because they are then at the mercy of those who forsake ambition. The disdain of the masses for the accomplished leads naturally to disdain and even denial of authority; no one is more qualified than anyone else to give advice or provide direction. The resulting society encourages thought-policing to keep people from offending anyone else which leads to discouraging anyone striving for excellence.

The Left’s contempt for police and soldiers is a direct result of this anti-authority attitude. Mostly it occurs among the young and immature, but unsuccessful, envious adults are enablers. Unfortunately, it's human nature, and all societies flirt with the concept as the numbers of people who feel like losers increase, perhaps a third of the population. In all cases of authority denial, soon a dictator arises, one who denounces authority but none-the-less assumes it, and the anti-authoritarians become ruled by an authoritarian.


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