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618 False Confidence


Of all the positives things the Internet has brought, one of the more insidious problems is the prevalence of self-proclaimed experts, and everybody thinks their opinion is just as valuable as anyone else's; just Google it, no expertise required. This has also led to a disdain for advanced degrees and professional licenses; who needs those, the Internet is more expert than any person could possibly be. Information is truly free, and intelligence only requires you begin the sentence with “hey, siri.”

Consider how it works: you have a sudden insight about the earth being flat; you Google "flat earth" and hundreds of other people appear supporting your thinking; you must be a genius! Any argument, any position, who needs to listen to anybody, the Internet is your wingman. This has led to a generation of false confidence, of foolish people convinced they are wise, of an inability to consider that you might be wrong. The hierarchy of knowledge has dissolved; there is no one anyone will take advice from; leading to an ever-declining lack of wisdom; the anachronistic irony of unlimited knowledge is that common sense is not so common anymore.


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