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612 Intelligence


Intelligence is a word that has no real meaning, or perhaps the old meaning has been lost to new priorities. Intelligence can't even be predicted accurately because intelligence is related to success in life but success is never guaranteed. Also, since people respond to different stimuli, a person's innate intelligence may remain undeveloped; for example, whether someone does well in school plays a huge role in the trajectory of their lives, but unfortunately, the beehive education we all receive is not for everyone, and intelligent people, especially males, are often left uncultivated.

Also, intelligence is contextual: traditionally, in the realms of industry, science & business, IQ was an indicator of success; but in the world that's portrayed in the media: cars, sex & image, then social awareness might be what's important. Looking in garages, on farms, in the military, skills might be the measurement; and if you search the churches, the ashram, or the commune, then emotions might be the most important ingredient of intelligence; and even looking on the streets, in the Old Folks Homes, in the sanitariums, then mental Heath is the intelligence's predictor. The truth is you could easily be a smart dumb person.


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