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611 Goals Concepts


Let's review what people think about goals:

  1. It doesn't make any difference how they get it, people are admired for their money.

  2. Achievement is what you plan to do then do it.

  3. Other people care about your wealth; achievements are for yourself.

  4. Nothing surpasses fame for the attention of other people.

  5. Better to be rich & famous than accomplished.

  6. The winners we idolize now come from all over the world but there are a lot fewer of them.

  7. When there's only one winner, everybody else is a Loser.

  8. People consider no one wise since they suspect themselves foolish.

  9. No one can claim to be a Self-Made Man anymore.

  10. Lazarus Long was the hero of Baby Boomer boys.

You may get your news somewhere else but take your advice from me, the Wysest Myn in the Wyrld.


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