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609 Self-Made Man


There is a lot of animosity towards the term “self-made man” by people who haven't made anything themselves. In fact, former president Obama famously said, “you didn't make that.” What he meant was that it takes a society to walk on the moon, but people on The Left interrpret it as meaning you are no better than anyone else, we are all equal, and what you do personally is inconsequential at best and probably selfish. Of course, it's the prevailing success of Marxist ideology, the equalist doctrine, that makes such envy, resentment & pervsity acceptable.

The irony is the term, “Self-Made Men,” came from an 1859 lecture by Frederick Douglass, a Black man. The self-made man archetype is someone from a humble background who climbs the social ladder through hard work, morals, and education. Self-improvement is the overarching theme, but the word “man” immediately sets off alarm bells of the Identitarians who reject gender labels, and think any success by males is more a result of priviledge than anything accomplished by the protagonist. Ambition is no longer fashionable.


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