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608 Dismissing Wisdom


Wisdom is knowledge, experience & self-awareness, the more the wiser. It seems logical that wise people would be admired but they are usually dismissed as being too educated or too focused on their work. It's odd that there are lots of fictional wise characters or wise people from the past, but few people alive today that are considered wise. In fact, the word “wisdom” is rarely even used anymore, instead “common sense” serves in its stead because everyone likes to think they have common sense but no one wants to think there might be someone wiser than themselves.

Many people consider wisdom to be a combination of fame & money, or in the case of the religion; fame & morality. Foolish people, and there's a lot of them, think a belief in their ideology is a prerequisite to wisdom: Democrat or Republican becomes the determining factor. A “wise” person is someone you'll take advice from but most people don't ask for advice, and wouldn't follow it anyway; that's because people perceive that wisdom only offers real value when you can get rich or famous from it.

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