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607 Losers


Not so long ago, every community had the best athlete, the smartest student, the noted traveler, the accomplished musician, the successful business, but now in the interconnected world community, everyone knows there's 10,000 kids in China that can play the piano better, run faster, and easily multiply two 10-digit numbers in their head. This drastically reduces the chances of anybody being the recognized best in anything, hollowing out the pride & striving that used to define America; essentially turning everyone into losers.

That would only be a quirk of civilization if it wasn't so tied into evolutionary biology: social hierarchies are made up of winners, with losers on the bottom. With all the winners somewhere else, the physiological advantages that comes with it is lost, but the stress on health due to being a loser is everywhere because losing has the biological side-effect of dumping cortisol into your body, a hormone that depresses testosterone, essentially effeminizing males. There's also a mental health aspect that directly affects confidence & decision-making. Being a loser is more than a joke, it's a concept, a toxic state of mind that makes modern society a Loser too.


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