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605 Admire the Rich, Respect the Famous


People admire the rich because everyone also wants to be rich: the more wealth, the more admiration, and contact with a rich person could turn into reward for yourself: a job maybe, or inclusion in the Will. Unfortunately, only people who are currently rich get adulation; if a formerly wealthy person becomes destitute, they are pitied, and certainly have no entourage nor lingering credibility.

In comparison, people respect the famous as well as admire them because contact with a famous person could turn into status for themselves. Status helps acquire better sex partners, more invitations to parties, and better seats in a restaurant. Once famous, always famous, and the amount of fame is immaterial past a certain level because even semi-fame brings untoward rewards.

Contrast being rich or famous against the fact that people with accomplishments offer no personal gain to others, quite the opposite really, they have devalued those around them in comparison. Achievement is a solitary pursuit, easily cast as selfish, plus doing things is hard. Achievement is only for you. Being rich beats decades of effort and the difficulty of earning advanced degrees, gaining experience & licensing. If you are under the impression that achievement means something to others, stop trying now and just make more money, hopefully getting famous in the meantime.


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