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604 Fame


The only thing more socially powerful than wealth is fame: people admire fame over all else, and are attracted to famous people because fame rubs off: if you have your picture taken with a famous person, that makes you somewhat famous. This is why famous people can attract a crowd without paying them to be there, and why famous people do well in politics. Also, fame is often conflated with wisdom: ask someone to list wise people and it will instead be famous people; similarly, political utterances by famous people, no matter how insipid, are taken as credible and astute; and the most famous person is considered to be the most qualified person. Essentially, unless you’re famous, you’re nobody.

On the down side: when people both rich and famous were asked which they would choose if they could only have one, they chose money because fame brings unwanted attention along with it; apparently, there is a level of fame so intense that only narcissists can survive long in its glare. However, everyone still wants to be famous. Caution: don't get confused that all fame is equal; unlike wealth, it does make a difference how you get famous; though similar notoriety does go to infamous, infamy brings none of the benefits of fame, only the detriments.


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