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Families are the fundamental building blocks of society. Single Millennials may think they're the center-of-the-universe but without kids, single people, even childless couples, are little more than drones, ignored in their old age, and completely invisible to history. That's a hard fact for narcissists to hear, but the ultimate goal of everyone should be to be part of a family. Fortunately, the definition of a “family" now transcends legal and traditional boundaries. It makes no difference who raises a well-balanced child; many same-sex families raise children. Any committed relationship that propels society forward should be condoned and applauded. In that respect, there's no problem with polygamy either; in fact, I'm descended from a polygamous family.

Unfortunately, family disintegration is a problem in the U.S., and the birth rate too. As a society we must figure out how to make having children more convenient and less expensive, but bigger than that, we must push back against the treats to The Patriarchy currently emanating from The Left. An anti-family narrative has somehow escaped the ivory towers of academia, and infiltrated the boardrooms, school rooms, and school boards of America. Masculinity is denigrated; femininity is despised; religion, the bulwark of families, is under attack. How this happened, how having children became anathema, how single-motherhood became applauded, is a lesson in how to boil a frog... And destroy a society... Which is the stated goal, even though it was kept under wraps by the complicit media for decades... But now we know, so what are you going to do about it?


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