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597 Disciplining Children


Discipline is one of a parent's primary responsibilities, yet many parents have neither the aptitude, knowledge, experience, nor inclination to complete this role. Discipline curtails future behavioral problems. Many parents have become so lenient and narcissistic that unruly children are enabled; that can't possibly end well; in fact, an undisciplined child is forgiven blaming their parents when their adult lives fail to launch due to a lack of maturity, direction and impulse control.

It's no longer socially acceptable to physically discipline your child, at least not in public, but a child's cognitive skills are little better than the family dog, who isn't going to stop eating from the counter by getting a Time-Out. However, it's the surprise and dominance that serve the purpose of curtailing bad actions rather than pain; simple, immediate, obvious cause-and-responses legitimately modify a child's behavior. The prohibition against corporal punishment stems back to the 17th Century in the writings of John Locke, the father of Liberalism, who said, “parents could reward good behavior with their esteem and punish bad behavior with disgrace as opposed to beatings.” That's some sage advice but a quick swat when your 2-year old's about to touch the stove is still the best deterrent.


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