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596 Raising Welfare Children


Children are resilient: it makes little or no difference to a child how it comes into the world, in/out of wedlock, wanted/unwanted, poor/rich; children don't know and don't care; luckily for the human race which has spent the vast majority of its history raising children mostly in those conditions. The one statistic that is worrisome, however, is that children raised on Welfare, tend to never break out of the cycle of dependency.

There is apparently a connection between The State being responsible for a child's upbringing versus a family or community. It might even come down to something as ephemeral as respect and love; not something a bureaucracy can ever provide, but a parent or community can. It's not like social scientists don't know this but they sit on their hands, probably because anytime somebody tries to do anything they run into politics. However, the solution is obvious: there's lots of informal babysitting, formalize it; there's lots of home-schooling, mostly informal, formalize it; there are lots of informal car pools to get kids to school and activities, and informal study halls, and informal sports, formalize them all. Use Apps, give the parents and kids smartphones. Also, recognize that among all the incompetent people that have children, some are competent, so dole most of the work out to them in return for their Welfare. The idiot parents can go take drugs, hook, hang around the park, whatever they do; when they finally get home, they can hug their kids, say they love them, take 2 minutes out of their sorry lives to make the kids feel wanted, then go away, leaving the true informal support network to pick up the slack.


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