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595 Single Moms


The stereotypical Single Mom has a child out of wedlock then is supported by the State; or the divorced mother of 3 clinging to alimony and child support from a begrudging Ex. Then there are moms who want the kid but don't want the partner, instead using a sperm-donor, who parade around like they're something special, and need elite treatment, proud that they are manipulating the future of society. The fact is, most moms are single even when they're married because the other parent is so wrapped up in themselves and their careers that mom is left alone to take care of their kids by herself. They're lives are no easier than celebrated Single Moms but not as fashionable.

It's time to stop thinking about Single Moms and start focusing on the children; there is ample evidence that a two-parent home with a dominate male role model is the most beneficial to them. In the old days the two partner's would stay together for the sake of the kids, but that has been sacrificed to narcissism and selfishness. Single Mom kids are often budding socialists, thinking society owes them rather than visa versa. In fact, today's political divide could be described as the children of Single Moms versus the status quo, and that's not going to end any better than it started.


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