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Times have changed in the past century, people are mobile; new parents don't live close to extended family to help take care of children any longer. Worse, child care is victim to the weaknesses of Market solutions, and has become way too expensive for young families just starting out. Tax deductions for children don't make sense because most of the people who really need daycare don't pay much taxes; and there's already a Child Credit, but giving people money at the end of the year is too disconnected from their expenses today. There's got to be a way for working mothers to drop their kids off somewhere without it costing half their low wage salary; and if they choose to stay at home with their children, that should be a benefit to society.

New ages require new ways to address problems; child care can take advantage of the "Sharing Economy," utilizing Smartphone Apps. Childcare is not a profession that needs formal training; there are many, many people who can help raise children, and have already proved it. We have grandparents and neighbors babysitting now, and there's lots more grandparents whose kids don't live close enough to babysit but would babysit someone else's grandkids in exchange for the same for theirs. Plus, there's those stay-at-home moms who could handle someone else's child occasionally. Where you live isn't called a "community" just because the houses are close together.


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